Brand: FINN-POWER Type: PUNCHINGMACHINE Model: SG6 Control: Siemens 840D Punching force (ton) 30 Max. sheet size (XxY mm) 3.000 x 1.500 Max. positioning speed (X/Y, m/min) 80 / 60 Simultaneous positioningspeed (X+Y m/min) 100 Max. sheet thickness (mm) 8 Total number of revolverstations 20 (8x Index & 2x MultiTool) Turret rotation speed (rpm) 30 Tool changing time (sec.) 1 - 3 Max. hole diameter (mm) 89


1. LD6 (Loading device for material 3.000 x 1.500mm).

2. C1500/2 (Sorting conveyorbelts for products max. 1.500x800mm).

3. STS (Stacking system with two tables for 2 times 4 EuroPallets for finished products).

4. Buffer unit for fast production (ShearGenius can operate while STS is working).



- Indexable forming system

- BIF Forming Station

- CIF Forming station

- DIF Forming station

- Additional Index Station

- MT10-16 MultiTool Station

- MT6-A MultiTool Station

- Activation for MT-3BUi/MH-8AUi

- MT8Ri + extra die frame

- MT3Ri + extra die frame

- MT20i



-4th Sheet Clamp and Autom. Clamp move

- Individual clamp move for 4th Sheet clamp

- Sheet lubricator minaral oil

- Tool lubraction system

- Scrap conveyor (Lifting) SC2

- Scrap conveyor for RS (Lifting) RSC2

- Teleservice

- Alarm Text message to GSM

- Vacuum system for punching scrap removal SC1VTM



- C1500/1

- Add. sorting addres for C1500



- SPB Buffer for STR6/STS6

- STS6 with double scissor stacking wagon 2A/2B

- Sheet detectors for STS6