Brand: C.B. FERRARI Type: CNC MACHINING CENTRE Model: A13-520 Control: Elexa E520 (D230) Capacity (XxYxZ mm) 650 x 320 x 320 Rapit traverse, X- and Y-axis (m/min) 15 Rapit traverse, Z-axis (m/min) 15 Speed range (rpm) 24.000 Tool taper SK40 Number of toolstations 23 Weight (kg) 3.750 Length (mm) 3.080 Width (mm) 2.350 Height (mm) 2.680


Fourth and Fifth Axis (A&B). Erow Easychange ITS50 including 20 pallets. Chipconveyor. Mist reducer. Tooling. Toolmeasurementsystem.