Brand: AMADA Type: PUNCHINGMACHINE Model: Europe 245 Control: Fanuc Series 18i-P Punching force (ton) 20 Movement X-axis (mm) 1270 Movement Y-axis (mm) 1000 Max. positioning speed (X/Y, m/min) 50 Simultaneous positioningspeed (X+Y m/min) 70 Max. sheet thickness (mm) 6 Number of auto-index stations 3 Turret rotation speed (rpm) 25 Number of toolplaces 19 Max. workpiece weight (kg) 100 Max. stroke rate (1/min) 520 Total power required (kVA) 25 Weight (kg) 10.000 Machinelength (mm) 4510 Machinewidth (mm) 2810 Height (mm) 2130


Several tooling, light guard protection and remaining standard accessoiries.